Weight Loss Management

Have you earnestly tried to drop weight, and your results just don’t ever seem to stack up next to your pals?  That can be so discouraging.  But it may be that you’re subject to certain resistant genetic factors.  Sometimes, simply understanding the cards you’re holding can alleviate frustration and enable you to set more reasonable expectations, and help you make a fresh start at getting healthy.

  • Which nutri-genetic variants do you hold?
  • How does saturated fat intake affect your weight management?
  • What do your genetics say about your response to carbohydrates?
  • What’s the right percentage of carbs, fat and protein for your diet?
  • Should you exercise at high intensity, or can you get by with a moderate workout?

Your test results may tell you the personalized answers you need to achieve your healthy weight loss goals.


Here at Cincy Health, we test your DNA for key genes to help you understand more about your body, so you can adapt your lifestyle to your personal needs.


It’s quick and easy, just a swab of your cheek. Cincy Health will then send your swab to the Inherent CLIA-certified lab. When we recieve your test results, you will sit down with one of our medical professionals  who will recommend a diet and exercise plan that may work better with your genetic makeup to support your weight management goals**.

Finally – the answers you need to get results faster, stay confident and motivated, and take control of your weight.